Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Concert with Miranda Cosgrove

Last night is sure to be a highlight of Zoe's summer vacation as she attended her first concert to see Miranda Cosgrove. We are big iCarly fans around here and also have a couple iCarly cd's along with Miranda Cosgrove songs on the ipod.  Zoe couldn't wait to see her in person and be able dance to her singing them.  

Miranda is actually coming to the state fair next week and I was going to try to get tickets to see her show, but then I was lucky enough to win free ones from Julie.  I figured even with gas it would be cheaper than buying tickets and when I googled the Mann Center and saw it was a smaller venue, I thought we would have a better chance of actually being able to see Miranda rather than an ant we assumed was Miranda on stage.

We originally had seats on the end of a row which was nice, but when the show started we moved over a bit to see the whole stage.  We had a great view!

I was looking forward to seeing Greyson Chance after watching his You Tube video and interview with Ellen.  He was pretty good.  I enjoyed his voice when he was singing softer songs and lower notes, but the teeny boppers there seemed to like him no matter what.

We won four tickets so we invited friends to enjoy the night with us. The girls had a blast dancing around and rocking out with Miranda.

Zoe is still wearing her button {it was the only thing we could afford at the concession table; $40 for a t-shirt...I think not!} and singing Miranda's songs around the house today.  She can't stop talking about her first concert.

Of course I have to give props to my friend Juli and myself for being such supermoms.  In case you can't tell from the pictures, the Mann Center is a covered pavilion.  As in outside. Without fans. Oh and did you know there was excessive heat warnings out yesterday? Yeah. We sat in that 110 degree weather for our girls.  We rock!!

Shoutout to the Mann Center though for discounting their water bottles and then having water stations around the venue to refill them along with complimentary cups.  They also had sprinklers to run through as well.  Great customer service!

Disclosure: I won 4 free tickets to the concert from Julie and was not asked to do anything in return. All pictures, content, and opinions, contained in this post are my own.
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