Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do You Screen Your Children's Music?

I recently read an article that asked if parents should ban music that they deem inappropriate.  As a child, I was not able to listen to any secular music and even Christian rock was pretty much a no-no.  There was some Christian pop that I could get away with, but only after listening to it with my dad and talking about the message some of the lyrics were sending.

With the Rock Band and Guitar Hero my son has really began to enjoy classic rock and my daughter goes gaga over Lady Gaga, has Bieber Fever, and rocks out to Taylor Swift.  She knows way more lyrics to pop songs than I do!  She will listen to a song once or twice and then the next thing you know has it memorized and will be busting it out.

I, like I'm sure many parents do, worry about my children looking up to people who may not be the best role models.  While I want them to be inspired by people's talents and success, I'm not sure I want them mixed up with their mistakes and shortcomings.  With news, magazine covers, and conversations with friends they are going to hear what's going on though.  That's life.  So I'm trying to use conversations to discuss the negative actions of these stars.

I don't feel that banning something is the way to go because everybody knows the more you say no, the more that desirable that thing becomes.

How do you handle music choices in your house?
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