Thursday, July 28, 2011

Motherhood According to Me

I love it when I read something over at another person's blog and it inspires me to write something.  This post is a prime example.  The other day I read ScaryMommy's post about what Motherhood Is to her and I couldn't help, but want to share what motherhood is to me too.  So here ya go.

Motherhood is...
  • filling closets with kids clothes rather than new dresses and shoes for you
  • getting up in the middle of the night to change sheets {sometimes your own} because a sleeping child suddenly woke up sick
  • being strong when your kiddos are nervous and anxious {even if you are puking on the inside}
  • finally understanding what it was that your parents said "you will understand one day"
  • craving "me" time, but then missing your kiddos like crazy when they are away from you
  • putting on a brave face even when it feels that the world is caving in
  • watching your children grow their wings, pushing them from the nest, and then sitting at the bottom of the tree to catch them if when they fall
  • bidding any and all personal time goodbye including long hot baths or even a short trip to the bathroom
  • sneaking chocolate and stuffing it in your mouth before the kids can ask what you are eating
  • eating the peas, brussel sprouts, and brocolli to be the good example
  • never having a clean car
  • giving up the beach chair and book for building sandcastles and jumping waves
  • not having a clue what happened in the news today because you only watch the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon
  • sitting in 110 degree weather with your daughter for her first concert OUTDOORS
  • resisting the urge to put in earplugs during french horn practice at home
  • laundry, laundry, laundry
  • warm hugs
  • small hands tucked into yours
  • unexpected "I Love You"'s
  • selflessness
Motherhood is...too many words for one blog post.

What's motherhood to you?
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