Monday, March 7, 2011

My Daughter's Giving Me a Complex

Remember how I told you Zoe is obsessed with her straight, blonde hair.
Well as much as she likes her hair, she thinks I shouldn't like mine. Curly. Brown. Perish the thought! At least according to her.

Then the other day she started comparing a couple of our parts. Wondering why mine pointed to the ground and hers didn't.  Oh, daughter of mine...just you wait! This post will come back to haunt you.  I promise!

But, nothing beats the other day when she came running into my room and jumped on my bed with excitement oozing from her,
"Guess what mommy?"
Know she was about to burst, I said, "What, Zoe?"  preparing myself to hear about the latest tv show, barbie adventures, or Justin Bieber sighting in a magazine. 

Oh how I wish that was what she was going to share.

"I just saw something on tv that I know you will want.  You know how you have all those lines on your belly from having babies and everything?  Well now there is this special creme you can run all over your belly and it will make them disappear.  Like magic.  Really!!  I just saw it on tv." 
I sat there speechless. 
She truly thought she really had discovered something big. 

Of course, I deflated her balloon quickly when I told her that I was kind of proud of my belly lines because it meant that once upon a time both her and her big brother were a part of me.  Those marks are marks of life, of love and I would never want them to completely disappear.  Those marks make me the mommy that I am!

But, then I told her if she ever saw a special creme to get rid of the pouch there to tell me right away!!

I'm sure she will.
Hopefully I won't develop a complex from her before then!
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