Friday, March 4, 2011

Everything is Starting to Spin

Basically I'm standing here watching all these things circling above my head and I'm carefully trying to keep them all spinning so they stay up there rather than crashing down around me. 

First this weekend is spinning up there.
  • The kids and I are heading to Philly tomorrow to stay with my aunt.
  • I'm attending GLO and CANNOT wait to hang out with some of my most favorite bloggers ever and be able to meet some new friends too.  The best thing about social media is connecting with people and I'm one of those who think "the more, the merrier" so ever since I bought my ticket, which was over a month ago, I've been counting down the days till tomorrow.
  • My aunt is taking the kids to the Delaware History Museum, which Dyl visited on a field trip and has been begging to go back to since then.
  • Then we have sushi and movie plans at night.  
  • Sunday, we are hoping {cross your fingers the weather permits} to visit the Philadelphia Zoo since it's been a few years since we've been there.  I figured since we were making a trip to Philly we may as well go all out with a trip to the zoo too!
We're planning on coming back Sunday just in time to get ready for another school week ahead.  Oh and my dreaded dentist appointment on Wednesday.  We are not going to talk about that!

Skipping to next weekend
  • Dave and I are having a date night next Friday going out to dinner with another couple.  I can't tell you the last time we got to go out as adults so I can't wait.
  • Saturday, Zoe has her first gymnastics meet.  She has really enjoyed being part of a team and I can't believe how far she {and her whole team} has come.  I'm excited to see her compete now and she can't wait.
  • Sunday, we will be celebrating Dave's b-day and I'm hoping to go to church with a friend from work.
  • Monday is hubby's real birthday so I'm sure we'll do something with the family that night too.
Then for the biggest thing spinning above my head.
For a couple years now I've dreamed of being able to invite some bloggers to my beach especially as I ventured into the hyper-local blogging with my Delaware Beach Families.  This is finally becoming a reality thanks to the Southern Delaware Tourism Bureau.  In two weeks I'll be welcoming twenty bloggers to my beaches! So far we get to stay at a gorgeous hotel, eat cupcakes, go shopping, and hopefully enjoy some good eats as well.  There's lots more fun in the works and while I'm having a blast planning it {those who know me well know that in my next life I'm going to be a professional party planner} it does take time...something that I seem to be losing more and more! 

Oh and then there is the Southern Delaware Tweet Up that I'm co-hosting. If you live in Delaware and are on Twitter, we'd love to have you come!  I met with my co-host Thursday night and we brainstormed all sorts of ways to make this a fun event for all.  At least this is circling a bit slower above my head as it isn't until April, but still there is lots to be done before then.

Pshew.  Now that I'm looking at this in written form, I'm even more scared.  No time for that though because I gotta keep spinning the balls above my head...

But I haven't even told you the BEST part yet.
I'm thrilled.  I've worked hard and it means alot that I've been recognized for this.  Now I have to start focusing on my presentation for the district teacher of the year which is the next step.  A huge honor, but another thing that is spinning in my head.  I definitely want to do something out of the box and with technology, but what?? 

So I think that's it.
Well except for the part when I teach 5 days a week, play mom and wife 24-7, keep my house from looking like a tornado passed through, and make sure we don't starve...

Must. Get. Sleep.
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