Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Needs a Baby Book? You Have a Blog!

When Dylan came home with an assignment that required him to complete a timeline of his life he insisted we dig out his baby book.  So being the good mommy I am, after racking my brain about where it was, I found it and we started flipping pages recalling dates and memories from his 10 years...well really from his first year or two!

His book is mostly complete with background stories of me and Dave and even of his grandparents.  There is his birth story, then footprints, hospital bracelets, birth announcements, hair locks, and of course pictures, lots of pictures.  The dates were neatly filled in when he first ate solids, drank from a cup, got his first tooth, crawled, walked, and those famous first words.  It was all there. Dyl enjoyed browsing the baby book and jotted down some dates on his timeline homework.

Of course, Zoe wanted to walk down memory lane too so she asked for her baby book.  I found her book too and reluctantly gave it to her.  She started turning the pages, looking at some pictures, her birth announcement, and asking me to read what I had written about the night she was born. As we turned each page, the words kept getting sparser and sparser until we came across blank pages.  Zoe looked at me, confusion in her sweet face, and asked, "Mommy why isn't there as much stuff in my book as Dylan's?".

Put a knife through my heart.
One day if she has more than one child she'll understand, but for today I could tell she was disappointed.

So with a big 'ol smile and voice full of enthusiasm, I replied, "I didn't complete your book because I have a whole blog full of you.  Who needs a baby book when you have a blog that has all your special memories?"

She was quiet for a second and in the next second was doing her gymnastic moves around my bedroom.

I guess the blog was good enough for her!

Now I'm curious...
Did you keep baby books for your children?
If so, did you find that your first child's book was mush more complete than the other ones and if you have more than two or three did the last ones even have baby books?
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