Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dentist. Please pray.

I consider myself a relatively confident person.
I tackle my fears head on, plowing through them in order to put them behind me.
But, there is one thing that makes me crumble every time.


A few weeks,{okay months, but who's counting} I noticed when I was chewing gum it kept getting stuck on one tooth. Weird.  Then I decided that it felt funny on my tongue, sharp-like.  Somehow I think I had chipped my tooth without ever realizing it.  Anyways, I figured oh well and moved on, avoiding the gum.  Then about a month later I had a horrible toothache.  I now have great respect for those little babes who are teething.  Toothaches are horrific!  I loaded up on ibuprofen and after a couple days it went away.  Sure I considered going to the dentist, but I was just avoiding it with all my heart way to busy to get there.

Skip forward a month, or two, or three, and my tooth still feels funny and lately I've had a really weird taste in my mouth.  Now I'm thinking that the darn tooth is decaying in my mouth.  Not good.  Not to mention, I've had toothaches all week and have way more ibuprofen in my system than is probably good for you.

So I caved, did what every responsible adult would do.  I called the dentist.
My appointment is this morning at 8:30.
I already can feel my blood pressure rising.
They don't check that there, do they??

I'd love any good luck wishes passed my way. With St. Patty's Day right around the corner, surely you all some to spare, right? Prayers are good too!!!

Oh and when you leave a comment do me a favor.  Please don't scold or tell me all about our dentist nightmares that came true.  I have enough going in my head already.

Is my appointment over yet?
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