Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Old Am I Again? I Lost Count.

Let me tell you a short story.
Once upon a time, I remember asking my mom how old she was.  Her response, "I can't remember, let's see I was born in ___ so that would make me ***".  I thought wow she must be getting really old if she can't even remember how old she is. 

Skip a few years.
The other day I had a student ask me how old I was.  I looked at them for a minute and then they immediately apologized for asking me my age.  I think they thought I was offended because they asked {bravo to their parents for raising them right}, but truthfully I couldn't remember! I then blurted out "33"...no wait I can't be that old, so then I blurted "no I'm 31", then I ran away computing numbers in my head.  Let's see, I was born in '78, so in 2008 I turned 30, and now it's 2011 so...ohmygosh I will be 33.  I really am that old.

I remember turning 30.
Was that really 3 years ago?
Where did those years go?

Am I the only one that is now so old that I can't remember exactly how old?
Lies are welcome in the comment section!!
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