Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kid Conversations {Talking Genetics and Dessert}

Zoe is obsessed with her blond hair.  Seriously.  She loves it!  She can't understand why anybody would want brown hair and is often informing me of how jealous I am of her color hair.  The other day at dinner she was once again discussing hair color and cracked me up with her understanding {or lack of} genetics.

As we were eating she got quiet for a minute and you could tell she was puzzled about something.
Then she said..."You know what I don't get mom?"
"What don't you get, Zoe?"
"How is that we {her brother and her} are blondies, when you and daddy are brownies?"

I found her words to be hilarious.
Is it wrong that this is what I immediately pictured in my mind?



Tell me you didn't picture the same?

Oh and for the record both daddy and mommy were blond as could be when we were kids.  I don't know what Zoe is going to do when she starts going dark!
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