Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye March Madness, Hello April!

Wow!  What an insanely busy month March was.
I can't believe we are already 4 months into 2010.  Absolutely unbelievable how fast time goes these days.  

March was especially hectic as I was only home one full weekend and that was for my hubby's b-day.  The rest of the weekends were spent at Bloggy Boot Camp, FitBloggin, and most recently at The Golden Inn for Smores at the Shores girlfriend getaway.  

The best part of all the events was meeting so many of my blogger buddies in person.  AMAZING.  Each event was vastly different, but all of them exactly what I needed.  Bloggy Boot Camp inspired me to get back on my blogging track and taught me some great tricks to implement, FitBloggin inspired me to get running again and focus some of my blog time on fitness, and Smores at the Shores allowed me some time for just me.  It was perfect to end the month by relaxing, eating delicious meals, enjoying a massage, and just sitting on my computer in silence watching the waves crash outside my hotel balcony. Oh and yes the chocolate was a nice addition too!

But, even though it's been fun, I'm ready to slow down.  I think I'm done for awhile.  

Time to get back into our regular routine.  
Time to hang out with the family.
Time for some lazy Saturdays staying in our pj's till noon.

Time to...
oh yeah get packing for spring vacation!

Hello April.
Hello Spring.

Guess those lazy Saturdays can wait a couple more weeks!

For all the crazy people who I know are just waiting for me to write here on the blog how we won't be home for awhile so you can come rob us blind, I say good luck.  We do have a house sitter or more like a dog sitter so if you think you can get past our crazy dog, then I say more power to you! 
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