Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lessons from the Highway

Every spring break we make the annual trek to Florida.

We’re very lucky that we have family who live near the beach and only 45 minutes to Orlando so there is always plenty to keep us busy, plus a free place to stay…yes, we are spoiled.

This year was no different.
We packed up the car and on Good Friday headed south on our 14 16 hour trip. Of course we started off 3 hours late.
I could tell you that it was because my hubby had issues setting the alarm clock for 3am, but to be honest I was happy that I got a couple extra hours of sleep considering I was up until midnight, the night before, folding clothes.

The trip was pretty uneventful and we were moving right along, that is until we hit the middle of South Carolina where we came to a STOP.  Now we were given warnings as flashing constructions signs told us of an "incident ahead" and declared "to be prepared to stop" but we chose to ignore them.  We wanted to be blissfully ignorant of what we were about to encounter.

But, sure enough we soon came to a stop for that incident we had been warned about. For about an hour+ we crawled.  Stopping and going, stopping and going, while we watched the gps clock continue to move our ETA back further and further.  As I'm sure you can imagine, 6 hours into a car ride, we were not waiting patiently.  Tempers were short, kids whiny, and did I mention we were all hot as the temperature guage showed 90 degrees and the sun was beating through the windows?

Slowly we kept moving forward though until we finally came upon the reason for our unpleasantness.

There in the middle of the median was what used to be a big truck, like one of those F150 trucks.  But it didn't have a cab.  The cab was flat.  Even with the bed of the truck.   

I had chills.

For the past hour I had been selfishly complaining about how I wanted traffic to move, how hot I was, how we were never going to get to Florida.  Meanwhile the driver and possibly passengers of that vehicle may have been fighting for their life or even worse not fighting at all.

That shut me up,
and I didn't complain for the rest of the ride.

So tonight I'm laying in a comfortable bed at my destination with my family safe and sound.  I'm praying for those who were in that truck along with the families who were notified of the accident.  I truly hope that they survived and will reach their destination too.

May I try harder next time to contain my complaints and remember the lessons I learned from the highway.

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