Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I Learned This Week - My Favorite Color is MING

The other day I saw this post from Michele at Scraps of my Geek Life about her finding her favorite color {which happens to be orange - what I would say is MY favorite color}.  How did she find it you asked?  Well go read her story to hear the whole thing, but the gist of it is that she used this awesome site Colorstology.

Now I always am intrigued by things like this so of course I had to go find my own favorite color.  

When I first went to the site I was mesmerized by the intro {yeah, it doesn't take much}.  It had the coolest music with 

After coming out of the intro trance I entered my birth month first.  I discovered that my birth month color is Aspen Gold, which is supposed to be radiant, uplifting, and intellectually energizing.  Oh and it was pretty too!  Then I went on to find my personal birthday color profile.

I went into the Aspen Gold world then chose my day of birth.  With a click of a button I discovered that my birthday color is MING which is a shade of blue/green with probably a little more green shade.  It was a very soothing color actually and reminded me of a beachy color.  MING is exuberant, friendly, and youthful.  Hmmm.  Not bad.  You also get a little profile blurb and below is what mine said.
"LIFE IS NOT boring when you are around. Your energy is high and you love to have a good time. You are aware that life can be magical and you are ready for the adventure. You have a strong spiritual calling and desire to do something special and meaningful.  Your personal color helps you slow down so that you can receive the answers that only come when you are in a restful place. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with MING helps you release excess energy and becoming quietly conscious."

Was that not written for me or what?
Now excuse me, cause I'm off shopping to surround myself in MING.

What's your favorite color?
Once you take the test don't forget to come back and tell me.  I love to learn new things about all of you. Oh and if you write a post, then go visit Michele, she also has a giveaway for you.  Your welcome.

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