Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here We Go...Beach Pictures! Take 1.

If you are a regular reader who has spent a summer with me, then you know that beach pictures often invade the blog during this time. We live a couple miles inland of the Atlantic Ocean and our summer vacation is usually spent with our toes in the sand.

Our first beach day on summer vacation was spent with Lizann (my sil) and Sophia (my niece). Sophia absolutely loved the ocean and wasn't the least bit afraid. She would run right to it and laughed when the waves would get her.

The waves were huge, but it didn't stop Dylan from jumping right in. The money we spend on swimming lessons is well worth it!!

Zoe preferred to play in the sand with her buckets of water.

She also enjoys searching for sand fleas and was thrilled when she found one this visit. They all instantly become her "friends."

A day at the beach is always the perfect way to watch the time go by!!

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