Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here Come the Pix

*Here are the pictures I promised from day one, Sunday. I'm still working on the pix from Monday along with a little recap, but I hear the ocean calling me so I'm unplugging for now and will hopefully get them up later!

Remember the Iguana's I twittered about as we were driving through the Keys? Here is a pix of one that was actually with a group of about 6, but the others escaped before I could snap their picture. If I were every to be walking and see one of these in my path I would flip out. Me + reptile = not a great moment!

After about a 3 hour drive from Miami airport (this would be with quite a few wrong turns, lunch stop, and ice cream break too) we finally made it to Key West. Unfortunately I was slow on the camera and just managed to get a picture of our welcome sign.

We found our Inn easily and dropped off our suitcases before heading out on the town.

As we were waling out of the Inn we discovered that Hemingway's house was right across the street. Pretty cool, huh?

Then it was off to Mallory Square to watch the sunset. The sunset celebration is one of my favorite things to do in Key West. The Disney Magic was docked at the pier and I was totally in awe over how humongous it was. Definitely going to be on it one day!

With a mojito in my hand

we enjoyed all the party had to offer including the street performers and mimes.

Dave was almost taken captive by a sponge monster, but don't worry I saved him.
It was fabulous to be able to spend the evening with just Dave watching the sun set on the southernmost part of the US.


  1. How gorgeous! It looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy!

  2. totally jealous! Looks like you guys had fun! and it's always nice to get away and have some adult time! Can you believe how huge those cruise ships are!? I saw one for the first time this year at Tampa Bay and I about died. You never realized they are that big until you're standing that close to one!

  3. Looks beautiful! it reminds me of the Sunset Party they have at Clearwater Beach, Fl. I hope you are having a phenomenal time.

  4. FUN! I love Key West! Did you see any cats lurking around the Hemingway House? :)

  5. Great pictures, Mel! I love the one of you and Dave. Such an adorable couple. Glad you had a blast.

  6. Awwwww - looks like you guys are spending quality time together - so happy for you!! :)


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