Monday, June 15, 2009

Up with the roosters crowing

I'm sitting here in the silence of my hotel room in Key West listening to the roosters crowing outside. I still can't get over watching them walking all around the island. I guess you know you are waking up in Key West when you hear the roosters crow. Either that or on the middle of a farm, but you will never find me vacationing on one of those!

Before I begin my recap of our vacation so far let me first apologize for the lack of pictures. You know I like my photos, but Dave took the camera this morning before I got a chance to upload my photos. Pictures will be coming though, promise! Of course if you follow me on twitter you will be seeing some in real time as I share them on Twitpics.

Dave and I made it to the Keys yesterday afternoon. We flew into Miami on a pretty uneventful flight and then rented a car to drive through the Keys and make our way to our final destination, Key West. When we arrived around 5 last night we dropped everything off at the hotel and headed out on the town. It's kind of weird not changing kids, packing snacks, watching the clock to see when they are going to be hungry, or when they are going to meltdown from being tired. Instead Dave and I just did whatever we wanted. You know, like the grown ups we are.

We walked down Duval Street and some of the side streets and then headed to Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration. Every night local artists and performers meet here to entertain the tourists as the you watch the sun set in the most southern point of the US. We watched a lady get sawed in half, a fire blower, tight rope walker, and a guy riding a unicycle that was pretty darn funny. The artists had some beautiful craftswork too, with driftwood frames, island photographs, painted coconuts, names on shells, and lots of jewelry. Didn't pick up anything last night, but planning on heading out to the local shops today to find something fun.

Dinner became vendor fare at the celebration as we sat on the pier overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and enjoyed conch fritters and a mojito. Dave went for the frozen margaritas, but let me tell you that my mojito was to die for, which I practically did when he told me it was 9 bucks. Oh well, it was worth it and I am on vacation!

It was great coming back to a hotel room and not worrying about baths, pajamas, and getting children to sleep. I felt like it was my honeymoon and DaveandItreateditlikeso, movingonnow.

Now it's morning and I get to spend the day however I like. Dave left to go fishing for the day with the guy who was the best man in our wedding. He owns a charter boat around here and was super excited to go out with Dave. I'm happy that Dave is happy! Our room is right beside the pool, as I could take three steps and literally fall in the pool (I don't think drunk people could ever have our room). My day will be starting with the free breakfast here, enjoying it poolside, in my bathing suit. Of course that won't be happening for a few more hours after I get my blog fill. Then I think I am going to rent a bike and head out on the town to explore. I can't wait to visit some little artist shops. I'm thinking, jewelry!!

After that...who knows.
I'm on vacation after all!!


  1. I hope you have a great time! I have always wanted to go to Key West so maybe it will be on my list now!

  2. Oh I love vacation! It's great hearing about yours. My uncle just moved from Key Largo to Indiana (I still don't get it LOL) but when I was single I used to go there all the time. What a party!

    Enjoy your time away.

  3. oh that sounds so awesome! The only "grown up" vacation that we've had since DD came along was a trip to Vegas. And yes it took a bit of adjustment to get out of the "parent mode" but we did manage and it was like a honeymoon for us too. I really enjoyed it a lot.

    I can't wait to see your pictures. DH already knows that I have always wanted to visit the Keys. I hope we get to do that soon. :D

  4. hummm I wonder if my grandmother still owns her Key West property?

  5. It sounds like your having a great time! Enjoy yourself!!!!

  6. I really am so excited for you honeymooners! This is awesome. I can't wait to see pics. Drink some more drinks for me! Cheers!


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