Friday, November 28, 2008

Look Out. Here I Come.

I must confess that I am one of those nutso people who leave before the crack of dawn to go wait in line with all the other nutsos on Black Friday. There is just something about standing outside the stores with everybody else as we wait to begin the holiday season. I absolutely love every minute of it even the pushing, shoving, and waiting in lines. Hey, I did tell you I was nuts!

The excitement of heading out on Black Friday even overshadows my Thanksgiving at times. I just want the day to be over so I can begin my shopping adventure. I like driving in the pre-pre dawn, drinking my coffee, jamming to Christmas music, and getting to my first store. Bundling up in my Uggs, warmest coat, gloves, and scarves, then waiting in line for the store to open is just part of the process. Black Friday is one of the only days ever that you will not hear me complain about getting out of bed...the other being on Christmas morning (yes, I'm worse than the kids!).

Every Thanksgiving night you can find me strategically planning how I am going to tackle my Black Friday morning. I carefully check out all the ads, including online, then the stores opening times, gamble on which items may be the most popular, and then write out my plan. This year I actually did debate whether to go at all, but my addiction to Black Friday shopping won out so tonight I strategized.

So if you are looking for me this morning here is what I'll be doing...

  • 3:45am - alarm clock goes off, jump in the shower, grab a cup of coffee, my purse, phone, and my plans
  • 4:15am - out the door and off to shop
  • 5:00am - arrive at Wal Mart to attempt to get Pink Leapster, Cupcake Maker, Wii Games, Hannah Montana Guitar, and Havoc Helicopters
  • 6:00am - off to Target for Star Wars Lego set, Wii Games, Tool Set, Christmas rugs
  • 8:00am - going to Toys R Us to see if anything is left. Hoping for the dueling Havoc Helicopters, Pink Doctor kit, Wii Game
  • 10:00am - head to the mall to see what deals I can find or maybe to Kohls

I'm hoping to be back home by lunch time and then maybe head out to get our tree.

Busy day, but hopefully it will be productive. I'm hoping that I can get everything that I have printed and circled from all the ads. I have a few other items on my Christmas lists that I'm hoping to get while I'm out including ornaments for my ornament swaps with other bloggers and secret santa at school. No matter what though I will not be getting carried away. I will be sticking to my Christmas cutback!!

What about you? Do you brave the stores on Black Friday? Do you shop online or wait till Cyber Monday? Or do you wait until the last minute and then buy whatever is left? Do tell.


  1. Good Luck Mel! I stay away from all stores on Black Friday. My hubby is the Black Friday shopper and he's missing it this year.

  2. I went to CVS yesterday and that was it! I'm not planning on buying much at all this year, so the sales didn't tempt me one bit. I hope you had fun!

  3. My husband woke me up this morning at 3:05am wondering if it was time yet! I refused to get up before 4. = )

    We shopped at yesterday morning and went to Michael's last night. We got caught in a long line at Walmart this morning and had to divide and conquer. He stayed in line while I went onto Target. Good times!

  4. this post has solidified my idea that you are truly CRAZY!! there is not one bone in my body that wanted to get out there and shop this year. All I did was go and get beautified (hair cut) and I did go to the mall but only for about an hour. Didn't know who I was buying for since we swap names...just not in the mood today I guess!

  5. I am one who hides in the corner and shakes. Well no I am the one sleeping in the day after Thanksgiving! I like sleep!
    You are crazy, but that's why we love ya!

  6. You're very organized! Are you talking about the cupcake maker that comes iwth the decorating thing too? I'm thinking about getting that for the girls as well - looks pretty fun. But I wonder after one use will they be over it?

    I am going to Target today (day after Black Friday). I have a gift card left from my birthday and want to buy something for myself! : )


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