Saturday, November 29, 2008

Goodbye Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a very relaxing day around here. Since I did all my baking on Wednesday and my mother in law was doing all the cooking I didn't have a thing to do Thursday morning. I woke up late, enjoyed my coffee and chocolate croissant, and watched the Macy's Day Parade.

I did take responsibility for making my kids look their best for the holiday.

My mother in law had a beautiful table set for us to enjoy our turkey dinner. As you can see my kids were the first to sit down with their full plates since they were "starving" by dinner time. Eventually everybody made it to the table, but of course by then my kids were nowhere to be found!

There were so many good dishes to choose from that I had no problem filling my plate. Please notice all the veggies and never mind the butter, brown sugar, and cheese covering them!!

Of course the best part of every Thanksgiving is the pies. Zoe and I made the cherry, Dave made an apple-cranberry pie with cornmeal crust, and there was also mincemeat and pumpkin pie. Zoe dove into the cherry, but Dylan opted out of pie and went for a big bowl of chocolate ice cream instead. I know he is a bit odd!!

After dinner we watched some videos that my in laws had taken on their RV trip across the country the past couple months. The kids got a bit antsy while we were watching we took some time to take our self portraits. This is one of my favorites.

Did you post about your Thanksgiving? Let me know so I can come share your day too!


  1. Hey! Kailani matched us up to do our ornament exchanging. ;) I posted about Thanksgiving too.

    so does your tree have a theme? would you like something "colorado"?

  2. What a sweet picture of the three of you.

  3. The kids are adorable!

  4. Hey, Dyl! Those pies look good, but I have to say, nothing looks better than your big ol' bowl of chocolate ice cream, buddy! :) Love me some chocolate...well, anything!

  5. What a beautiful family you have.


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