Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Day Before Thanksgiving

Yesterday it was girls day at our house. Dave was working and Dylan had spent the night at a friends house so he didn't come home until dinner time. I had told Zoe we would bake together so she woke me up around 7am asking me if it was time to bake our pie. We started a fire, turned on the Christmas music, and Zoe and I baked the day away.

Of course before we began baking I had to catch up in the blogosphere, answer some email, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Zoe sat in the kitchen impatiently waiting for me.

Doesn't she look pitiful.
But, don't worry because she didn't look like that for long. She looked like this when I finally got up and got moving on her speed.

First, we started dinner so it could simmer away. Nothing like a big crock pot full of beef stew on a cold day.

Then, we baked our favorite pie...CHERRY.

Finally, we prepared some croissants so they could rise overnight and be ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We made a few chocolate filled ones so we could bake them for breakfast.

Dave and Dylan were home for dinner and afterwards the kids made some fall suncatchers. Both Dylan and Zoe love doing crafty things. I try to do crafts with my students at school and I always let my kids make them too. I enjoy the cutting, gluing, and coloring as much as they do. It's therapeutic.

It was a great way to begin Thanksgiving break!!


  1. Yummy Croissants!!

    Zoe lights up the room literally. :)

  2. It looks like a fun day at your house! The Pie looked amazing!


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