Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank You and Goodbye

OK so that title sounds way more ominous than it really is!

First of all, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the comments left on my post about Mako. It has been a rough time for my family, but receiving all the sympathy and hugs has made it a little bit easier. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to comment on my post that meant so much to me. I'm happy to say that we are taking one day at a time and it seems to be getting a bit better. Sure we have some sad moments where we miss our buddy, but we also have some happy times as we get ready to go away for a mini vacation and have company coming to visit us.

Speaking of happy times! My goodbye is most definitely a positive one as I am on my way out the door to spend some time with my girls. We, or I should say they, have been planning this getaway for us ever since my birthday. I'm not even taking my computer! Anyways our agenda goes something like this...

We are leaving at 9:00 am with coffee in our hands, driving in a convertible with wind blowing in our hair to our destination.

We'll do a little shopping in the quaint streets until 1pm when I will be getting my very first massage!!

After our little spa time we're planning on lounging around the pool for a bit and having some appetizers and cocktails.
Dinner will be served at 8:30.

After dinner, as well as throughout the day, I am sure there will be lots of chit chatting before we drift off into dreamland.

In the morning we're going to one of my favorite breakfast places in St. Michaels where they have fresh, squeezed orange juice that is awesome.

Then it's back home to get ready to leave on Sunday for a family mini-vacation.

Things are most definitely looking up!!

Happy Friday!!
Oh and a big hug for my in-laws who are watching the kids today and tomorrow while I'm away and for my rockin' husband who always supports my girl time. I love you babe!!!


  1. Sounds like fun. I'm a little jealous! Have a great time!

  2. Enjoy - sounds like it will be a wonderful time!

  3. We hope you have a great time. They say what goes around comes around and if that is true you and your family will always be blessed. You and your family bring great joy and sunshine to those you come in contact with. We admire your strong family values and feel lucky to have you for friends. Oh and we love being your BLOGSTALKERS.

  4. Have fun there! You deserve every minute of it! :) Enjoy!

  5. Have fun! I'm out for a girls night out tonight myself. No massages though - bummer.

  6. I love St. Michael's. We went there for our first anniversary and it was so much fun. The place we stayed had bikes with baskets on the front and we rode around the whole town. Kind of funny to see my husband ride a bike with a basket but he thought it was hilarious watching me on the bike since I hadn't been on one since I was 14. Bad experience but it's too embarassing to share. Lets just say an ER was involved! Hope you had a great time!

  7. Mel, hope you have a wonderful time on your girls weekend and mini-vaca. My sister got married at the Inn @ Perry Cabin...the view is gorgeous, food is great...can't beat the location!

  8. Ya know what I just realized...the pic you have up of St. Michaels looking down the street, We stayed in the house that is just out of sight on the left. You can see the the white of the front porch. Weird!


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