Saturday, July 26, 2008

Four, Please!

This is what my family tells the hostess as we arrive at restaurants. Just four. I have always considered myself blessed with having two children, one boy and one girl. It falls into my idea of the perfect family with a happy marriage, two kids, and the white picket fence. OK, so we don't have that picket fence, but work with me!

As I was reading one of my novels the other day the author made a comment about how "three is the new two" when it comes to kids. The phrase kind of stuck in my head and then I read this article which linked to this and now I realize that it wasn't just a random phrase. It really seems that there is an increase in families having 3 kids instead of just the 2. So what does this mean for me and my perfect family. Well frankly, nothing!

I am proud to say that I have absolutely no desire to have another. First of all, I am probably the worst pregnant women there is. I cannot understand all of those that say they are the happiest when they are pregnant because they feel so alive. I don't get it. I immediately get high blood pressure, have to see the doctor every two weeks from the first appointment, have ultrasounds multiple time, and the cute maternity clothes NEVER fit. Perhaps turning 30 this year also has something to do with it. I always said I wanted my children before I turned 30. My 20's were especially fulfilling as I got married, moved away from home to the beach, we bought our first house, had the kids, earned two college degrees, and began teaching. Yeah, things were kinda crazy. I guess I'm looking forward to spending my 30's just kind of coasting along. Well if coasting is what you call it when you are raising two kids, teaching full time, and trying to pay off debt while beginning college funds and retirement plans.

Don't get me wrong though. I absolutely adore babies, especially my new niece. It's just that I can look at babies, hold them, cuddle them, and enjoy their smell, but not feel one tug from my uterus. Nope. Nothing.

Booths are made for 4, cars are made for 4, rides are made for 4 (well technically 2, but X2 and you have 4), and we have a 1-1 parent/child ratio not to mention are evenly divided boys and girls. So no thanks. Three being the new two doesn't mean anything to me.

I still believe that a family of four is the perfect number!


  1. I agree. I love that we have one boy, one girl. We had neighbors (that are now friends) that had one of each, about the same distance. It was nice to see that they men could go out together while the women went out shopping. One child for each parent.

  2. yeah i'm with ya on the four....having one of each gender makes that choice easy though there are SOMEtimes I wonder if I might want one more down the road...but then, WHO wants to start over at that point???!!! :D

  3. Four is good number to me. Unfortunately, most people assume that we only have one child, since that is all they see. Our first daughter is in heaven, but always in our hearts. And our family is complete. We are happy just the way it is.

  4. Four IS the perfect number and I would be happy to stop with two kids. However, I have there is a nagging feeling we are supposed to have another so we will have to deal with the inconvenience of a table for five!

  5. Opps.......I'm a three one. LOL We were pleasantly surprised with our third, even more so since it was a girl with my two boys. I love them all though, but I do admit that 2 is easier then 3. Hubs and I often mix it up and one takes one and the other two. Wait, I'm always the other! LOL I get my daughter and one son. She's such a Mommy's girl........

  6. I'm with you on that one... I don't have children yet, but I know I don't want to go through pregnancy more than twice!! :) Plus with 3 kids, parents are 'outnumbered' by kids...
    With 2 it's perfect... I always thought I would have kids in my 20s like you, I admire you for all that you've accomplished while raising a family...

  7. I wanted to have kids by 30 too.
    Then I got married at 31.
    Pregnant at 34.
    Baby arrived a month before I turned 35.
    I would love to have one more (girl preferably, even out the hormones around here), but that may not happen.
    Still trying to talk myself into believing I'm fine with one.

  8. Yeah, I'm pretty with you on this. Feeling pretty done. Not enough to get rid of all the baby stuff yet, but pretty darn sure. Guess I'll just have to get used to it being the boys and me from here on out:)

  9. Okay....have you been talking to my husband? I have said I would like one more....which would make 3 kids.
    Each time he goes into this tirade about how things are made for just 4.....I think almost EXACTLY how you pointed it out.

    Then he goes into this thing about even numbers. So my answer was to have two more. I think his head exploded!


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