Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lucky Lady

Like many bloggers, today I struggled to come up with something I wanted to write about. Often when this happens I go to my reader and begin reading other's posts to see if something sparks my interest. Today was like all those other days so off I went searching for inspiration.

As I was reading I came across Victoria's post. Victoria is a mom of two who's husband was just laid off. Then I also read A Daily Scoop and discovered that they just lost one of their children in a drowning accident. Their baby fell in a hot tub that they just purchased 5 days earlier and they had to take her off a ventilator after all of her organs failed. Then I read 5 minutes for mom where they are talking about the floods in Iowa and how many families have lost their houses, have no food, clothes, and some even lost family members. I also recently found out that my school nurse's son was in a horrible accident and is in critical condition. They have been updating a care page to relay information and yesterday she posted that he now has a blood infection causing a high temperature so his visitors are limited and he is taking more medication.

I am sure there are many more stories out in the blogosphere like those above. Stories of sadness, tragedy, and devastation. Realizing that I am a lucky one who isn't experiencing anything of the like, I decided to write about being grateful.

Because while,
  • the gas prices are rising,
  • our paychecks are eaten by bills,
  • my kids pick on one another,
  • there are dishes in my sink, laundry in piles, and toys all over the place
(Honestly, I can't really think of other things to complain about!)

I know that,
  • I drive the truck I've always wanted and hubby has his motorcycle plus his car,
  • I'm off for the summer which allows us to control some of our gas usage
  • my husband and I have relatively stable jobs,
  • with steady incomes that pays for our house, food, clothes, and even some frivolous things,
  • hubby and I are both healthy,
  • both of my children are alive and well and bring smiles to my face daily,
  • I am surrounded by friends and family who are there for me day in and day out,
  • During the summer I can relax at the beach watching the waves roll by.
( blessings far outweigh my whines, huh?)

While I know I will worry and become anxious at times because it is only human of me, I also want to make sure that I take the time to be grateful and acknowledge all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I am one lucky lady and I don't ever want to take that for granted!!

So what about you? Will you take the time to be grateful today? Leave me a comment and let me know a blessing that you have been given!


  1. I'm writing through tears after reading A Daily Scoop. I can not that family's pain.
    Today I was blessed because I was able to spend a peaceful hour this morning with my two girls as I got them ready for school.

  2. today i was blessed by you and your wonderful post.
    i needed that perspective!!

  3. My second mammogram showed benign cysts with fluid.

    So I can enjoy my vacation & not think of mammograms for another year.

  4. Great post. As impatient and aggravated as I am that we have been waiting over a month for our relocation company to contact us so that we can put our house on the market, we are blessed that our agent already showed our house to a couple and they want to put in an offer on it. In this market that is a big blessing! :)

  5. As an Iowan, I am very fortunate not to live in the area where there is flooding and evacuation.

    I hate to even post this....we are in an area that is sort of even "dry". Not overly dry, the grass is very very green, but there isn't standing water in ONE spot in our area and our ground is not saturated. Infact, we still water our lawn 3x a week.

    I feel bad. Isn't that silly, but I do. Here I am watering my lawn when other's just 1-2 hours away are losing all of their belongings. It just feels wrong.

    I am thankful for so much....

  6. Wow... you got me thinking. Maybe things aren't so bad...

    I read the Waite family blog. How tragic. My heart goes out to them.

  7. I work in the media, so I'm aware every day how lucky I am. (Doesn't stop me feeling sorry for myself though). But just a few of the things I'm grateful for is:
    My lovely husband (who I found love with after a miserable divorce);
    my kids, who I never thought I'd have;
    my dogs and cats, even though I'd love more;
    we have a messy, but comfortable, safe house;
    our friends and family;
    we're all relatively healthy.
    Yes, I'd love more money, a tidy home, perhaps a cleaner, and the occasional lavish overseas holiday - but I feel really grateful for all my blessings. Posts like yours remind people to stop and smell the roses instead of complaining about the thorns!

  8. I wanted to say hi. I read your post earlier but never finished it - went to the sites you mentioned to read about their trials and tribulations.


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