Thursday, June 19, 2008


While my brothers and I were staying at my parents house a few weekends ago, this is what I found when I opened the freezer one morning.

I asked my oldest brother first if he put a Coke can in the freezer and he denied doing it, saying it must have been our younger brother. So when my youngest brother finally got out of bed, the sleepy head, we asked him. He denied it also. So then if they didn't do it and I didn't do it...whodunnit???

At least you all can learn from "somebody's" mistake. Don't put a Coke can in the freezer and leave it overnight because it will explode and it is not pretty when it does.


  1. Ugh! The mess.

    Yesterday I was cleaning dried up egg from my fridge. Seems as if the little one can get the lock off the fridge now....and apparently.....likes to play with the eggs!

  2. Been there done that, more than once...more than twice...more than...ummm.... I have issues. LOL!


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