Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doing the Green Thing!

In an effort to save fuel, get some exercise, and increase our brain power the kids and I decided to visit the library. How does that save fuel and how did we get exercise? We walked to the library, of course. We walked the 1.41 miles to get to the library to be exact!! So very green of me, huh?

It was such a pretty day and we were contemplating the beach thing, but decided since we were late getting up and around today that we would visit the library instead. We were hoping to make the 1:00 story time, but I kind of underestimated how long it would take to walk to the library.

We stopped at the grocery store for some Lunchables and then had a picnic under a tree in front of the library.

Then we visited the library and loaded up on lots of good books. One of my favorite childhood memories was our bi-weekly trip to the library. We were only allowed to choose 5 books and most of the time I had them read by the next day!! I tried to limit my kids to 5, but when Zoe had 8 I just couldn't make her take them back. That wouldn't be very teacher-like to take away books now would it?

Now we are back home and the kids are laying in their beds, checking out their new books. I think I'm going to enjoy this quiet time and go read one of mine too.


  1. Is that the library they just expanded? I should've stopped by to say hello! I'm just a couple blocks away.

    I really liked the Undomestic Goddess but by far my fave Kinsella book is Can You Keep A Secret?

  2. Hey! You beat me to the punch! Abe and I were eco-friendly on Wed. Come on over and see what we did too!

  3. okay you are so fun! how much do i love sophie kinsella? i presume you've read her books?? if not you will be all over them! i don't recognize your others...fill me in!

  4. I've just read The Undomestic Goddess. It's a lot of fun. I started off thinking I wouldn't like the main character - and then I just let it go and enjoyed the silliness. Enjoy.

  5. as a librarian I too say: let them get lots of books!!

    have fun reading.

  6. Oh I love your choice of books!

    The plum books are fantastic...although I have to catch up....only up to #10.

  7. How much fun!


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