Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Feeling Down and not on the scale!

I just realized since I was in New York on Saturday that I never posted my weigh in. I am shocked that I did manage to lose, even with the bag full of fun size Halloween candy. Bet you will never guess how much I lost...maybe this or this would give you a hint. After last week I was pretty down because I feel that I am stuck in a rut with my weight loss. I know I am not at a plateau because I wouldn't be losing at all, but I feel like I need to do something to get going again. Last week I was determined to post everyday what I was eating and my exercise, but once again life got a hold of me and after "sticking to it" for three days I was done. Silly me probably should have also considered choosing a different week than the one where it was my TOM, Halloween, fall party at school, and I was preparing myself for my hubby to be leaving on a business trip. Yeah, not one of my most brilliant moves! Anyways, I am happy for the loss, however little it may be and know that this week could be my chance to make that change. But, this week...not going to well! Dave is away in Vegas on a "business trip" (we'll save that for another post) and for some reason I am eating us out of house and home. I also thought that I was being so good with taking all the Halloween candy out of my house and putting it in my school store, but I find myself running to school store myself, which is definitely NOT a good thing. So things need to change starting now in order to get back on track for this Saturday's weigh in, because according to my scale this morning I am going to need to get going if I even hope to get that 1/2 pound off this week!!

What I'm going to do: First thing tomorrow morning, I am taking all the candy and giving it to the classrooms around me for their treat box. That will eliminate a big road block! I will be eating my 0 point soups for lunch along with a fruit and a fat free pudding (a girl has to have something sweet). I will walk during House tonight, Private Practice tomorrow, Grey's on Thursday, and What Not to Wear on Friday! Wish me luck!!

WEEK 41 / -.5 / -42
GOAL - LOSE 1 POUND this week!!


  1. Keep at it, Girl!!

    Those zero point soups are so fun -- I will be all over them when I start Weight Watchers!!! (My family will start complaining.. "Not soup AGAIN!!!")

  2. Keep up the good work and don't let it get you down. I am having a bit of a downer too 'cause I just gained(or rather got the official doctor's office weight today) my first couple of pounds with this pregnancy and I am seeing the 8 pounds lost during the may challenge go out the door ... :) Cheer up!! You are doing well.

  3. Hang in there. I went into the store today to just get milk and they had a huge display of leftover Halloween candy for a serious discount. Must. Not. Put. The. Bags. In. My. Cart.
    Path to Health

  4. My kid's candy passed the seven day point that I give them to eat it, it's trash now. Hubby will kill me for ditching it, he has been eating it all week. So I did it for him too.


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