Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Exercise and the Big Apple

On Saturday, my mom and I headed to New York for some sightseeing, shopping, and a show. I had organized a bus trip for my school and asked mom if she would want to come with me. The bus dropped us off around 10 at Rockefeller Center and we headed up 5th Ave to Central Park. It was a breezy, fall day, so sitting in the carriage with warm blankets was a perfect start!

As we were ending the carriage ride we saw another carriage going the other way that had two people inside and an entourage of people following them. The carriage stopped and a makeup person started blotting, a hair person brushing, and people taking pictures. Of course, we were star struck thinking here it was...our chance to see somebody famous. So the moment our ride was over we jumped off and began jogging back through Central Park to see this "famous" person. After running halfway back through the park (honestly I don't know why we paid $35 to ride when we ran through it) we finally got ahead of the carriage to discover...it was nobody, or at least nobody we recognized. I think it was probably just a modeling shoot! At least I earned 5-6 activity points!

After our carriage ride, we headed back down 5th Avenue...shopping street of the world with Tiffany's, Bergdorf and Goodman, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani Exchange, Henri Bendel, etc. Where did we shop? You ask. Disney Store and FAO Schwartz of course! We enjoyed a yummy sandwich and soup at Dean and Deluca's...my favorite lunch place in NY. After lunch we also visited M&M World and Hershey's Chocolate World along with some tacky souvenir stores.
Then we were off to our show. We saw Legally Blonde at the Palace Theatre.
It was cute with some funny parts, but Beauty and the Beast is still my favorite. I would like to go back to see Mary Poppins and am thinking of taking Zoe to see The Little Mermaid in the spring. This was my third Broadway show and I just love seeing all the sets and hearing some amazing voices. There is truly nothing like it!

After the show we went to Anthropoligies, the store I had been waiting for all day and what did I buy...absolutely nothing!! I had waited and waited to go and then didn't find anything that I liked. There were a couple shirts I tried on, but did not like them on me. I was so bummed!! Mom and I grabbed a slice of pizza for dinner and then it was time to load up the bus.

One of my students and her mom went on the trip with us and on the bus ride home she showed me an American Girl doll she bought that day. I have told myself that I would not let Zoe get into them, but I think I am hooked. The doll was absolutely beautiful and the perfect size. They also have Bitty Babies which would be great for Zoe and they have matching outfits! I'm already searching Ebay for Christmas!

What a great day...I love New York!!!


  1. Looks like sooo much fun! I sooo want to go back and visit NYC now!!!

  2. oh my word i LOVE anthropologie!!! if i had much more money i would spend it there. well, and if i wasn't married. my husband can only tolerate so many shabby-chic-ish things without complaining ;-)

  3. p.s. some useless trivia for you, my high school sweetheart was in the nat'l tour of beauty and the beast. he played the beast! i went to see it and just about fell out of my chair when i opened my program!

    small world!

  4. Girlymama, that is funny about your ex. It is such a small world...my aunt's neighbor from Philly actually saw us while we were there.

  5. Wow, sounds like a very fun time! My daughter saved her own money and bought AG dolls. First Samantha, then Bitty Baby, then Felicity. She's almost 20yo and those are still treasured possessions. (Made Christmas and birthdays easy with getting the outfits and stuff.) Now she is into Tim Burton movies like Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas. They change so quickly. Sigh.
    Path to Health

  6. Looks like a fantastic time! I'd love to visit NY someday.


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