Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Fairy and a Fireman

Halloween is an exhausting holiday for me since it is the only holiday that I work, and am suppose to teach, on. Every year I assign a book report that is due on the 31st and the students must dress up as a character in their book. This then turns into our big "fall" party. So my Halloween began with 21, eight year old's in costume at 7:50 in the morning. Amazingly we got through a reading and math lesson! After lunch the fun began as we set up for the party and rehearsed the presentations of the reports. I have to say that my class has got to be the cutest 3rd grade class ever and they are awesome at oral reports too.

After school it was mad rush to pick up the kiddos and race home to make dinner. It is "tradition" that in our house we always have a big pot of chili and cornbread muffins on Halloween and this year was not different. Of course this means cooking chili and mixing muffins while dressing two kids in their costumes, and answering the questions "Is it time to start trick or treating?" a zillion times.

With it all said and done though, Halloween was a success. The chili was thick and slightly spicy, the muffins sweet and warm. and if I don't say so myself I had two of the cutest trick or treaters in the neighborhood...



  1. What a great idea to do a book report like that!

    Those are some cute trick or treaters!!

  2. very cute kiddos - love the fairy outfit! Great idea for your students. Wish I could do something like that. But that sort of thing is poo-pooed here in Harford County. Have any pics of the students?

  3. I love the book report idea- what a great idea!!

    Your kids look adorable- I love the costumes!


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