Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Missing my best friend

Dave left Sunday for Vegas on a business trip, but thankfully he is coming home tomorrow. He works for a local boating store and every year one of their distributors has a trade show in Las Vegas that he attends. The first year I was 8 months pregnant with Dylan and went with him. We had a ball since it was both of our first time being there. The next two years we took Dylan and then the following year I stayed home, with Dyl and a month old Zoe. There were lots of tears involved when he left and lets just leave it at that.

Last year, I finally took the plunge and we left the kids with Grampy and Gramma and flew to Vegas together. It was nice having some grown up time, being able to get up when we want, eat at restaurants without kids menus, and just be carefree. The great thing was that Veteran's Day fell on a day we were gone so I only had to use a couple of my personal days. This year, however, that wasn't the case and between using all my personal days and not having a sitter for the kids I decided to sit this trip out.

Having Dave, my best friend, gone for a few days is torture. I have one of the best husbands on earth and he really is the only reason I can do all that I do! He is the one who helps get the kids up in the morning so we make it out on time, is ready to make dinner when he gets home if I'm not up to it, and will put the kids to bed at night so I can walk. Thankfully everything has gone smoothly while he has been gone although we are all ready for daddy to come home tomorrow night. I took today off to have a break from the craziness and we had a pretty relaxing day. We were hoping to go bowl a little or maybe see a movie, but when we woke up to rain we decided to just stay home. So we lit the fire, played some Wii, read some books, and took a nice afternoon nap. I even made dinner, which when Dave is gone, is a rarity!! The kids have been super good and Dylan even helped me tonight as I was cleaning the house for the cleaning lady tomorrow. I have to give credit to all you single mom's out there and all you mom's whose husbands travel for work!! I admire you!!

As for me, well I am counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until my honey comes home!!! It will be a happy night in our house tomorrow!!

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