Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!

I love birthdays especially my own when I'm getting the presents and always enjoy celebrating them with others. 

Today is hubby's birthday!  He's way older than me 41, but don't worry because he doesn't act anywhere near his age so it's all good.  We went out last night and celebrated with an early b-day dinner of crab fondue, crab nachos, and sandwiches and pizza.  Oh and yummy desserts like bread pudding and a warm peanut butter brownie sundae.

Today will be a lazy day, although usually I'm far more lazy on Sunday's than he is.  Making sushi is on the agenda for dinner and if you follow me on twitter than you also know we will be enjoying the homemade cheesecake I made at midnight last night.  Of course what's a birthday party without presents...I think he is going to be a very happy guy when he opens his.

Happy Birthday honey, I hope you have the perfect day and an awesome year to come!!  So very happy I get to share both with you!!

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