Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain, Rain...Stay All Day

How sad is it that I'm so excited that it is pouring cats and dogs outside?
I never quite understood that expression.  Who thought of cats and dogs while watching rain? Anyhow it seems fitting right now though cause it is really coming down out there.

It seems like it must be raining just about everywhere too cause my Twitterstream is overflowing with rain comments.  However I don't think many feel my same sentiments on the rain today.

After a very stressful week that included state test {post coming soon on THAT topic}, many meetings, tennis lessons, breakfast at daycare, and then just life in general, I was excited at the idea of not going anywhere today.  

It's 1pm and we are all still in our pj's.  The kids have done some dancing, played Wii, played DSi's, listened to music, and chatted with me.  I've paid some bills, renewed some magazine subscriptions, returned emails, read and commented on blogs, wrote a couple posts, and of course participated in some twitter conversations.  

I'm thinking it is time to get off the couch though cause I have yet to find the magic computer button that I can click on to have my house cleaned and the laundry done.  Even my Swagbucks search box can't seem to find it.

My afternoon is going to be filled with my Saturday chores as I catch up on some DVR shows.  Going to also try to make my first cheesecake for hubby's birthday tomorrow. I'm sure there will be many tweets and twitpics of that attempt.  Somehow I don't think it is going to look like this. 

But surely no matter what it should taste good, right? I mean, how can you possibly go wrong with sugar, cream cheese, and graham cracker crust?   Then, I'm looking forward to heading out to dinner tonight for an early birthday dinner for him.  It will be the perfect way to end a lazy day!

What about you?  Is it raining where you are too?
What's your plan for today and the weekend. 

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