Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy Cat

Our cat, Love, is quite the peculiar kitty.

She has this one favorite toy, a blue stuffed mouse, rattle, type thing that she has had since she first came to live with us. Throughout the day she can be found running around the house with it in her mouth. I swear she thinks she is a puppy, because she will also bring it to you and if you toss it across the room will go fetch it and bring it back. She loves it when Dyl plays the game with her.

She plays with the toy, sleeps with it, drops it into the toilet and fishes it out again (we won't go there!), and lately has been doing this with it...

I guess she thinks her friend Mr. Bluemouse wants to eat with her too.


  1. She is a beautiful cat! I had a Persian and Calico mix when i was a kids and i named her Sissy and told my mom that was the only sister i would ever have lol. We have no pets now and it kinda makes me sad.

  2. Our family dog thinks it's a cat ... It stalks, paws at things and basically does his own thing!

  3. She is awefully pretty. I think we could all come up with stories of how our pets seem a bit weird. My dog seems to get so frustrated at times that she grabbs her favorite bone or ball and starts chewing them so hard she actually makes her gums's weird.

    How is she doing after her little outdoor party?

  4. Our cat Rafa has a stuffed red dog that he has carried around since he was a kitten. He cries and carries on as he walks around the house with it and then looks at us like we are nuts when he track him down to see what is wrong. = )

    You have a very pretty kitty by the way!


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