Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lovin' Summer Vacation

One thing about weekends during summer vacation is that they are just kind of extended weeks. Instead of trying to fit everything into two days after being at work all week, I can get a little bit done each day so it's not a rush on Saturday and Sunday. Please don't take that as my house is in perfect condition by any stretch of the imagination. Matter of fact other than tackling the mountains of laundry I had, not much has been done. I know, pathetic!

Instead we have been out enjoying ourselv
Here's a quick recap...

, the kids and I headed to Philly for our Sun and Earth tour which was awesome.

Tuesday Dave is off so I looked forward to hanging out together. The day started with him taking the kids to swim class for their first summer session. That didn't go over well considering the lesson was at 8am and Zoe is not a morning person, not to mention all the rain we had left the pool feeling quite cool. All of that led to a text message saying how he would not be taking them again and next week I was getting out of bed to go too!

That afternoon we headed to a local Farmer's Market for some fresh fruit. This was actually our first time visiting this market and it was too cute as it was set up under some trees at a local park.
We picked up some strawberries, cherries, fresh bread and the kids enjoyed some homemade ice cream. Of course I had to be on mess patrol and lick around the cones a few times. That ice cream was delicious!

Afterwards we decided to take a trip to the local SPCA to see if they had any puppies. We have been contemplating getting a new dog after our best friend died last summer. Dave and I had told the kids we would think about it this summer so we had a few months where I would be home to train. Unfortunately, the SPCA didn't have any dogs that would be a good fit for our family so we are still on the search. I was pretty proud of how the kids handled not bringing a dog home. Of course I had them repeating, "We are not bringing a dog home today" the entire time there so maybe that had something to do with it!

Wednesday was a beautiful day with full sun, but not too hot. It would have been a great beach day, but I had resigned myself to the fact that I either had to tackle the laundry or let the family go nekkid. I didn't think the latter would go over well so we stayed home all day. I did play nice mommy though and we had a picnic outside,

I put out the waterslide, and the kids ran through the sprinkler all afternoon.

Afterwards we made some snowcones and ended the afternoon watching a movie. Dinner was enjoyed outside on the deck, which was a perfect way to end a lovely day.

Thursday wasn't quite as fun since I was stuck in a classroom for science kit training. Nuff said! Although the kids got to hang out with Gramma and Grampy all day and they had a great adventure going to a local state park to play on the beach and rescue horseshoe crabs.
Thursday evening turned out to be a treat too when the kids and I decided to walk to the beach. It was going to be their first time without taking the wagon so I was a little concerned they would become whiny and tired. Dave was working in the yard and was going to pick us up later. About halfway there we saw the Bethany Beach Trolley and I remembered there was a stop just a little bit in front of us. I asked the kids if they wanted to take a ride on it and they were ecstatic. For 25 cents you can ride the trolley right into town and be dropped off directly in front of the beach. Nice!

So we played tourist in our town, riding the trolley in, playing at the park, chasing waves at the beach, and finally eating ice cream and caramel popcorn. Great way to end a summer day!

Friday we hung out for the morning and in the afternoon decided to check out the new building of our local library. We all enjoyed choosing some new books and the kids signed up for the summer reading program. So late afternoon if you would have stopped by you would have found all of us curled up reading some books.

That pretty much sums up our week.
In an effort to keep it real though, I will admit there were also much yelling, screaming, and fighting between siblings. Alright and some between mom and kids too. Hey, it's summer you know!!

For any of you that are actually still reading this encounter of our week, Thank You! It all seemed to flow out as I was typing, but now that I went back to read it to myself I see how long it became. Pshew.

Now I'm off to start the weekend.

Who wants to join us at the beach today??


  1. I would LOVE to join you at the beach today, but alas the commute is a bear and I would have had to start driving hours ago to be there sometime next week. ;) Also my yard that has been getting rain every day is becoming a jungle. pout!

  2. Just stopping by from another website to check out your blog. It's very good and I'll be bookmarking it for updates :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Would have been a GREAT beach day today! Alas today found us at a bday party for a friend... oh well! Hopefully we'll be up at least once this summer to share a beach day!

  4. Science kit training...UGH...


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