Friday, November 21, 2008

I have a date!

Tonight hubby and I are going out. As in all by ourselves with no kids. Hopefully we will have something to celebrate! Grampy and Gramma have offered to have a sleepover at their house so we can have a night out. What are we going to do?

This of course...

And maybe dinner or some dessert. I don't really care what else, because did I mention that I will be seeing this...

I cannot wait!

Anybody else planning on checking out Twilight this weekend? After all the blog hype about the books I can't wait to see what everybody has to say about the movie.


  1. Tomorrow afternoon! Whoot!

    Hope you have a great night.

  2. kari and i are going on tuesday. you'll have to tell us your take after you see it!

  3. I've read all four of the books and of course had to see the movie tonight, and that I did. I loved it. I do believe that you would have to read the book, at least the first one, to truly understand and grasp the feeling of the movie. I think they did a great job of pin-pointing the major events that need to be in the movie. However, I believe knowing what Bella was thinking because of reading the book, made it more enjoyable for myself.

  4. OH you stinker!!!!! BEAT us to it......we had to wait til Rin's INLAWS left, hmpf!!!! :{ oh well, Tues is coming!!! What did ya think?? Cool that Dave went with you....what a good guy!!

  5. Ok, with all of your excitement, I went out and bought the first book tonight. Don't know when I'll get a chance to read it...maybe next sememster when my schedule is a little easier...or maybe on turkey-day instead of cooking! I'm intrigued...


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