Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Time Has Come

For the past month I have been checking the National Board's Website nightly to see when my scores would be released. I have been told that they are usually released before Thanksgiving so teachers have the break to get over it. As in for the 50% who do not pass to have at least 4 days to cry at home rather than sitting in front of a room full of kids blubbering. Anyways, every night I would read the same message "Scores will be released on or before December 31st." Technically, that is the official date they have to release the scores.

However, today I read a different message...
"Scores will be released mid morning on November 21st"
Yes, as in tomorrow morning!

By tomorrow at lunch I will know if I am a nationally accredited teacher. Wow. I've been working towards this for a year and half. That is a long time! People keep asking me how I think I did and honestly I just don't know.

I guess by tomorrow though, I will .

So tomorrow if you were to pass by my classroom you will either see one very happy teacher dancing around the room or you may see a movie on the television and teacher crying in the corner.

Either way by tomorrow afternoon I will know if I am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher or not.

Please pray.
Pray that I will accept the results no matter what with a positive attitude and remember that nobody has the right to tell me if I am a really an accomplished teacher except myself and the students I touch every day!


  1. Fingers Crossed and let us know!

  2. I am praying and will check back to find out.

    I have been lurking here for a while. This is my first comment. Just seemed like the right time.

  3. I have checked your blog 3 times today to see if you posted the result.... but nothing:( Hope you passed I am praying for you.

  4. YEA!! Way to go my friend! (I read your Twitter before posting!) You are Board Certified -- all that hard work paid off! Congrats!


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