Saturday, June 14, 2008

What I Like About...ME!!!

Arianne posted a Twitter Challenge to list 50 things that we like about ourselves.

Here are my 50.
  1. I'm a mommy!
  2. I married my best friend
  3. I'm a great multi-tasker
  4. I'm good at my job (teacher)
  5. I'm a techie
  6. My blue eyes
  7. My hands
  8. I'm always up for an adventures
  9. I'm pretty easy going
  10. I get along with most people
  11. I speak my mind (sometimes I probably shouldn't, but...)
  12. I'm picture happy
  13. I would do anything for my family and friends
  14. I love to help people!
  15. I'm ambitious
  16. I'm a somewhat fashionable mommy jeans here!!
  17. I'm a strong woman
  18. I'm organized
  19. I love that I love to read
  20. I'm getting better at blogging
  21. I know I can do anything I put my mind to
  22. I believe that possibilities are endless
  23. I love to learn
  24. I'm a beach girl
  25. I could easily live in the city
  26. I drive a Tahoe
  27. I'm a soccer mom
  28. I'm a shoe person
  29. I have over 20 pairs of flip flops
  30. I like to make people happy
  31. I'm pretty positive
  32. I lost 40 pounds
  33. I'm book smart
  34. I'm not afraid to laugh aloud
  35. I like to make people smile
  36. I chose to be a teacher so I can be a mom and have a career
  37. I live for summer vacations
  38. I like to meet new people
  39. I have the best group of girlfriends anybody could ever hope for
  40. I gave birth to two adorable kids
  41. I don't back down easily
  42. I empathize
  43. I like to have fun
  44. I listen to others opinions, but rely on my own to make the final call
  45. I'm okay with looking like a fool every once in a while
  46. I'm always up for a challenge
  47. It is more rare for me to wear make up than not to wear it...I'm okay with the natural imperfection look!
  48. I don't pretend to be something that I'm not...what you see is really what you get
  49. I see in gray and not just black and white
  50. I'm ME and I just plain ol' love that about me!!

So are you up for the challenge? Go ahead...I know you can do it. Just let me know when you finish so I can come over and learn even more about you. Have fun!!

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  1. I love 17, and way to go on 32!!

    Thanks for playing. :)


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