Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You Don't Wanna Know

I did not track one point in the month of December and boy is my scale showing it...I have gained around 6 pounds (okay closer to 7.5lb) throughout the month. Not cool!! My last official weigh in was Dec 1 and I was right at 140 and on Saturday's weigh in I was at 147.5...YIKES!! But I totally take responsibility for my choices and you know after you eat pounds of cookies, candy, and drink gallons of Starbucks lattes it is bound to catch up with you sometime. I was kind of in a half pound rut right before the holidays losing only a half pound here and there that I thought maybe if I relaxed over the holidays I could get back to counting points and jump start my body into weight loss mode again. Of course I was not hoping to gain 7.5 pounds, but I feel okay with it because I know I can get it off. I really don't think that I have gained all the pounds, but know that some weight is probably the result of water weight considering I was really bad at drinking water and replaced it with mimosa's and bottles of wine. It's going to be okay though because the way I figure it is if I could lose 40 pounds last year I can lose my last 20 (which includes the 7 1/2 gained this month) before summer.

So New Years was the big day and I am so happy to report that I have been OP yesterday and today and have even walked both nights. Getting back to counting points and eating well feels fantastic!! The only thing is that today I felt that I spent the majority of the day in the bathroom as my body readjusted to the water intake. Oh well, I will happily pay the price knowing that it will be evident on this weeks weigh in.

The best part is that the gals over at Tales from the Scales have decided to extend their Looking Great in 2008 challenge until February 27th!!! was supposed to end this week and I was not looking forward to going out like this!! When the challenge first started I was at -37 pounds and now with my wonderful December I would only have lost .5 pounds...unacceptable! So now the challenge is on and I can't wait to see where I am at the "new" end of the challenge.

Week 49 / +7.5 / 37.5
GOAL: OP of course, guzzling water, and walking on my treadmill
Long Term Goal: Be at goal weight (130 lb.) before spring break which is in the end of March!


  1. We'll all be back in our healthy habits and off to a great start for this new year. Hang in there!
    Path to Health

  2. Good luck with it, and happy water drinking. I have that image as a painting hanging in my bathroom


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