Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Anniversary BLOG!

Today is my blogs 1st year anniversary! This blog and I have really shared some good times as I have tracked my family's adventures on it. Throughout the year I have definitely tasted some great pieces of chocolate out of the box of life, but there have been a few yucky pieces too. I would have to say that my blog started as and still is most definitely a mommy blog as the kids are my biggest ideas for blog fodder. I would like to see my content expand in the coming year although I really don't have a clue where I want to go with it...maybe shoes, Vera Bradley, shopping, chocolate...the possibilities are endless. Then again I kind of like what I have going and could see myself not changing a thing!!!

The more I got into the blogging world more I realized that there were some really great blogs out there...blogs that actually had purposes (other than sharing the latest baby pix) with writers that actually, well, entertain. It has been fun getting out and meeting some great bloggy people especially since I can stay in my pj's without showering first thing. I have met some incredibly talented writers, great photographers, and some got-it-together mommies that I am green with envy of. Thanks to Google Reader I can get out there, visit often, and keep meeting more people to add to my never ending list.

Thank you to my regular readers for taking the time to check in and leave comments. I love hearing from all of you so keep the comments coming. I hope I have provided you with some sort of entertainment this year and that you have enjoyed hanging out with me and my family. So here's to another year of blogging...CHEERS!!

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