Saturday, September 8, 2007

Check up time

Dylan had his 7 year check up last week and things are looking good! He is growing, a lot it seems lately as I keep watching him become more of a big kid rather than my little boy. His height was around the 25th percentile, which if you know me and Dave isn't really a big surprise. For weight, he is smack in the middle of where he should be. He is a pretty good eater on occasion, but then other times, not so much. I like that he seems to know when he is hungry though and eats then...he is my vegetable eater!

So all was going great at the appointment hubby said (he got the honors since I had to be at home to clean for the cleaning ladies who were coming the next day) until the eye test. It would seem that Dyl's eyesight has had a bit of a decline and his doctor suggested that we take him to an eye doctor for an eye test. Inevitably this day was coming because mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...just about our entire family wears glasses or contacts so really we aren't surprised in the least, but I have to admit that I was hoping we could hold out a little longer. I just envision glasses at school with gym and recess, at soccer practice and games, at the beach, riding a bike, rollerblading...I guess I will just start saving now!!

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  1. Yep, prepare to purchase a few pair. Unless by some luck of the draw you have a boy who is gentle with glasses. Like that happens. Bawahahahaha. Sorry. He'll do fine. You'll be surprised.


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