Thursday, July 26, 2007

May Day Challenge Week 11

We are eleven weeks into Beth's May Day Challenge and I am a couple weeks short of posting about my own weight watchers adventures. First of all...the wedding weekend...up 2 pounds! Yuck, the the worse thing is that I thought I did relatively well while I was gone. However, I am happy to report that during this past Saturday's weigh in, the scale showed some love, and I had lost those two pounds plus an extra half pound putting me at a total of 32 lb. loss (since beginning weight watchers in January NOT since May). YEAH!! You would think summer would be such an easy time for me to lose more each week with all the fresh fruit and veggies, which I absolutely love, but it is also full of summer BBQ, impromptu eat outs, vacations/day trips, beach fries, ice cream, and more of all that yummy stuff in front of me. Throughout most of the summer I have found myself being inconsistent with both tracking my points and exercise. I feel that I get my exercise because I am doing more, but it probably isn't as much exercise as I want to think it is. I have only lost about 4 lb since the end of school, but still it is something and shows that I am pretty good at maintaining at least. I am kind of looking forward to going back to school (perish the thought) and getting hard core back on my plan to see if I can have another weight loss jump. Until then, I guess I will just continue along this way doing what I can...losing a half pound is better than gaining!!

Week 27 / -.05 / -32lb
Goal: Drink the water, really exercise, and ENJOY THE LAST 3 WEEKS OF SUMMER VACATION!!


  1. i think it is AMAZING that you've lost 32lbs so far and 4lbs since the end of school is still a lot.

    you should be really proud of yourself :)

  2. 32 Pounds is fantastic!!!

    And here is possibly the easiest recipe ever for 3 point cupcakes.

    1 box of Pillsbury Devil's Food Cake (don't know why but only the PDF works out to be 3 points, none of the other cholate cakes do)

    1 can of diet cola. I use Diet Dr. Pepper or Coke Zero, but any of the dark diet colas will work.

    That's it. Mix the two together. No eggs, no oil, no nothin' else! If you make 24 cupcakes, they work out to 3 points. That's without frosting of course! ;) I haven't found a low points way to frost just yet. Also, they are more brownie-like in consistency & don't really rise up and get fluffy like a cupcake. But, yummy nonetheless! And I should know, cause I ate half a days points worth! :D

  3. that is awesome! You are doing great, keep it up. :)

  4. You are doing great! 32 pounds is wonderful. I'm having a hard time this summer too. I thought for sure that once summer came my weight would melt right off. Wrongo!

  5. AMAZING!!! You should be totally proud of yourself.

    (I've been on WW since Jan. too!)

    Oh and...YUM...Beach fries....


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