Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adults in Diapers

Honestly, I realize that this does not occur, but my daughter may just be the one to prove that an adult may not be potty trained (or at least that is how I am feeling right now). By the way, if potty talk is not your thing then this post is most definitely NOT for you!!

Just a little background...My summer goal was to have Zoe potty trained, but anybody who knows Zoe, knows that she does things on her own schedule and not a minute sooner. I attempted at the beginning of the summer, but then decided that I needed some fun before beginning. Now my summer vacation is almost over and I will be back to teaching before I know it so I have been toying with the idea of attempting potty training again. Another reason I have been contemplating the training is that I found a dance school that would enroll Zoe this fall, but she must be potty trained. I have explained this to her in hopes that this may help the process and my neighbor was even nice enough to let us borrow some pictures of her daughter's dance recitals as visuals while sitting on the potty. So I guess now all that has to happen is for me to suck it up and prepare myself for battle!!

The adventure begins...Tuesday hubby and I, ok I, decided to begin this potty training adventure hardcore. This started at 9am when she got up and I told her that today was the big day and she was going to start going pee pee on the big potty. Two puddles, 4 wet regular panties, 3 wet pull ups, and one messy panty later, (all by lunchtime) I decided that neither one of us would survive the day so gave it up and put on a diaper. I know, I know, the carnal rule of potty training is that you HAVE to stick with it. So after a mild meltdown (with tears) and a nice hot shower we went back to pull ups. Yes, I also know that panties are the best for training, but I just couldn't clean another puddle, so pull ups it was. We went back and forth on the potty to no avail because other than one pee, we got nuthin'. After the depressing Tuesday I decided that we needed some fun in the sun so yesterday we headed to the water park where following my rule I did put her on the potty twice, but hey I needed some sun time too, so I did not push it.

The adventure continues today...I love my little girl once again (as if I ever could not love her). She got up around 9 am and I ran her to the potty where we had....SUCCESS! She then had two wet pull ups. Just when I was thinking of screaming "I can't take this anymore!!" I put regular panties on and explained that we didn't have any diapers or pull-ups and asked Zoe if she could be very careful until we could buy some more (Thanks, Deb, for the idea). Since then my darling daughter has went on the potty 5 times...yes 5 (she drinks a lot during the day!) I have the timer set for every 20 minutes and this past time when it went off she said "Come on mommy, it's time to go to the potty."

Dare I hope that my daughter may just get the knack of this and not be the first adult in diapers??!!


  1. Don't give up. She will be successful one day. I have 3 daughters and the first two were close to 3 when we finally were successful. The youngest one was close to 3 also, except we had daytime & night time accidents until 7 and still in pullups for bedtime at 9. Hoping we will soon be able to quit buying pullups. So hang in there it will come. Have a great week.


  2. Oh, this sounds so familiar. Except we did it all day, and went through a whole 10 pack of panties. :S How old is your little one?


  3. Don't give up! Consistency, consistency, can do it!

  4. Zoe will be three in a couple of months.

  5. GO ZOE!! That's great!!

    What I did with my oldest was rewarding her for staying dry which is actually the general idea.

    Good luck! CUte blog!

  6. awesome! sounds like you are on your way...

  7. Good for you! As you might know, it has been a long go at our house but perseverance has totally paid off. And it is soooo worth it!

  8. Oh, I don't envy you the potty training. I'm dreading doing it again with my now nine month old. But at least I have a bit more time.

    So, what do you teach? I'm a teacher too, and I've been working in my room like a crazy person this week. We start back to school on Wednesday! So not fair...starting school in August!

  9. Well, now that I read your profile, I see that you teach third grade! :P So scratch that question.


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