Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bringing it Back in 2013

WOW! I only posted 44 times last year. 
That's kind of sad considering the year before I had posted triple that amount.

Guess that's what happens when...
  • You have a middle schooler and 8 year old, who are a gymnast, swimmer, and lacrosse player that needs to be driven to practice, meets, and games.
  • You are teaching elementary school full time in a new school district and in a new grade level.
  • You are also teaching two face-to-face classes for two different colleges, plus one distance learning class online.
  • You spend the last summer re-painting the downstairs of your house and it takes three coats of paint!
  • You are wife, mom, maid, taxi driver, accountant, and master scheduler among many other job descriptions.
While I wouldn't change a thing about any of that (well, maybe if I had the money I would hire a painter) unfortunately my blogging was the thing that got shuffled to the bottom of my priority list. And there it sat. Pretty much being untouched.

But now it's a New Year!  I miss writing. Blogging. I miss other bloggers.
While I know I can't go back and blog nearly as much as I did in those good ol' days I would like to make a small come back.

What about you?
Is there something you have let slip away in the past year that you are hoping to bring back in 2013?
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