Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Last Sunday, we made our annual trek to the local Christmas tree farm.  We always go the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it's our family tradition.  We found this tree farm way back and enjoy visiting year after year.  Nothing like supporting local businesses!

The kids favorite part of this tree farm is the hot chocolate, hot cider, and unlimited number of homemade cookies!

Running through the Christmas tree forest is always a popular game. This is not our tree, but I was wandering around and totally missed getting our usual pix of the tree still attached to the ground. The kids decided this could work instead.  The funny thing is that Dyl is usually the one grumbling about a picture, but as you can see he was quite in the Christmas spirit while Zoe was a bit bah-humbugish.

This was the only picture I got of our tree out in the field. It's all cut down and making it's way back to the front of the farm for us to take home!

Everybody who works at the farm is so friendly.  The people come out and cut down the tree after you choose it and then they load it up on their ATV's and golf carts to haul up front for you.

Finally, our tree is all bundled up and tied down, ready to dress up our house for the holiday season.
After a busy Thanksgiving though, with hosting dinner, out of town company, and Black Friday shopping, I confess our tree sat naked in our house for the first two days.  It finally got some lights on it by the middle of the week, but it's still waiting for it's ornaments! Pictures of it all dressed up will be coming soon.

Do you get a live tree?  If so, do you go to a local tree farm or buy one at a store?
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