Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Gorgeous in NYC

My favorite part of blogging is the opportunity to meet bloggers in real life at some amazing events.  I've made some awesome friends through this here blog and look forward to making many more.

A month ago {wow...once again time flies} I was able to go into New York City for a Getting Gorgeous event hosted by the uber amazing Audrey McClellan and Vera Sweeney.  I had heard so many wonderful things about the event during BlogHer so I was thrilled when I had received my very own ticket to go this time.

IMAG0723.jpgI headed up to Philly the night before to drop off my kids with my aunt and then got up bright and early to meet some PSMM girls at Bryner Chevrolet to pick up our Equinox that they were kind enough to let us borrow for our trip into the city. They even gave us breakfast before we headed out to get a tour of our car and be on our way.

Jo-Lynne was brave kind enough to be Hillary, Jen, and my driver and she did a beautiful job. As you can imagine with four bloggers in one car, the conversation never stopped and before long the skyline was in our view.  


We found some parking and before long were in a line for the event.  I actually was quite amused with waiting in line and having people ask us what we were waiting for.  They knew they were missing out on something!
And boy were they!  When we were admitted into the event room, cupcakes and mimosas were there to greet us.  

Now that is how to kick off a fabulous event!
There were tons of vendors sharing their products and offering services.  You could get your hair done or have professionals apply your makeup and then chat with Liz Lange about fashion.  Yes.  THE Liz Lange.

My favorite though was the Flip Out table.  
Photo Credit: Julie

They had adorable flip flops with "shoe jewelry" that you could change to add just the right bling to your favorite flops.  I, being the beach girl that I am, was automatically drawn to their display and was ecstatic when I discovered they were giving me a pair to take home.  Squeee! I have worn them quite often since then and always get comments about how cute they are and inquires of where I got them. 

Goody Hair was there too so I had to visit their table to see some of their new products.  They had their spin pins to try which seemed to create quite a beauty buzz. I got to bring home a couple for Zoe and I to try.  It's pretty cool that you can just spin them in your hair and it holds...even my thick and curly hair.  

They were also giving away some bags full of products to some lucky tweeters and guess what???  I won the Girl Bag full of girl products.  You can imagine Zoe's excitement when she opened the package and there were headbands, barrettes, and ouchless pony tail holders in tons of colors and designs.  Oh yeah.  I was the best mommy in the whole wide world!

There were tons of fabulous sponsors of the event and I've had some great experiences with quite a few of them since then. 

It was so much fun to experience Getting Gorgeous with some fabulous bloggers.

Caitlin, Valerie, Me, Melissa, and Jo-Lynne {Photo Credit}

Fourteen hours and three Starbucks latte's later I made it back to my aunt's house in Philly lugging a not just one, not just two, but three bags full of SWAG.  Not so much fun lugging around NYC when trying to find some dinner, but definitely fun to go through from the comfort of my pj's in Philly.  I'm still sorting through it all!

The event was definitely one to remember and I hope I can make any future ones as well.
Once again a huge shoutout to Audrey and ladies are amazing, thank you for allowing me to attend such a spectacular event!
DISCLOSURE: Bryner Chevrolet and @GMNortheast provided us a car along with gift cards for tolls and gas to transport us to and from NYC.  Getting Gorgeous sponsors provided each attendee with a bag of free product samples. All opinions and content contained in this post are my own.
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