Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Zoe has become quite the reader in the past few months.  Being a teacher to older students, I'm in awe of those who teach the littlest people.  I don't know how they do it!  I'm very blessed that both of my kids are proving to be quite the little scholars.  Some would say it's because they are a teacher's kid and while I'd love to take the credit, I have to give credit where credit is due and that is totally to my kiddos teachers.  Watching my children learn to read is one of my most treasured moments so far and hats off to the teachers who gave them the gift of reading!

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I digress though.
Back to the title of this post.
My point to that little sideshow is that Zoe has been practicing her new reading skills by reading the billboards as we are driving here, there, and everywhere.  The other day she was busy reading them all when she became frustrated because she couldn't figure out a word.

"Mom" she asked. "What is the word m1y?"  
I thought I misheard so I asked her what it said again, and then again, as I was completely stumped.  A few minutes later I gave up and told her that she would have to show it to me the next time we went past.  She was quiet for a second, but being the persistant little girl that she is, she didn't let it go.  
"How about if I spell it for you mom?"
"Ok, Zoe. Spell it."


She knew that the "one" spelled 1, but just couldn't figure out how to add the beginning and ending sound.

I couldn't stop chuckling.
I'm chuckling now even as I share the story.

These are the posts that make me happy that I blog.  I want to record these stories so that I can remember them forever and smile at the memories.  I may not make M1Y from this here blog, but the memories I'm saving are worth more than gold!
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