Friday, June 18, 2010

One Day I'll Catch Up...or not!

I know my blogging has been spotty at best lately, but I do have a great excuse.  I've been too busy living life!!  

Last summer, I regretted the amount of time I spent behind the computer so this year I have vowed to unplug and go enjoy the time I have off.  It was a crazy end of the school year with Zoe's graduation, my 5th grade graduation, Dylan's end of the year events, and then pageant week {wait till you hear about Zoe's busy week}.  

I've been on summer vacation for a week and so far we have had a beach day, spent a day on the boat fishing and clamming,  went on a long family bike ride and had a picnic at the beach, visited the library and signed up for summer reading programs, attended a b-day party, and watched Dylan kick butt at his final tennis match for the season.  We've been running here and there and everywhere.  Even right now as I type this we are enjoying a few days in North Carolina with my sis-in-law, niece, and nephew.  We'll be heading home on Saturday to celebrate Father's Day and then next week is filled with swim lessons, doctor's appointments, and hopefully a couple beach days too!!   

So be patient with me.  One day I'll get caught up over here.  I do have lots of pictures and stories to share.  But, they will wait.  There are even more memories to be made!!

How is your summer vacation so far??

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