Friday, June 25, 2010

If You're a Senior Citizen, I Must Be Dead

Dylan had a special mystery night at school at the end of the year and it so happened it was the same night as Zoe's preschool graduation.  It was the first time I had to decide between my two kids and it stunk!! I didn't know how I was going to choose one over the other.  

Dylan at first said he didn't need to go to his event {such a fantastic big brother he is}, but when I mentioned this to his teacher she told me she understood, but was disappointed because Dylan was going to receive an award that night.  
Gotta love it! 

So my parents came to the rescue and took Dylan to his program while Dave and I attended Zoe's.  My parents recently moved near us so it was their first time visiting Dyl's school for a function so he was pretty excited to show everything off for them. 

When we picked him up later this was our conversation.

ME:  Dyl, did you get a special award tonight?
Dylan: Yeah.
ME: So what was it for?
Dylan:  Ummm. The senior citizen award.
ME: What?  
Dylan: The senior citizen award.
ME: Well what exactly did you do to earn that award?
Dylan:  I was a nice to everybody. It was for my citizenship.
ME:  OHHHHH!  Do you mean a Good Citizenhip award?
Dylan:  Oh yeah.  That's what it was called!

He had me confused there for a few minutes.
Thought I had entered a time warp or something!!

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