Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I Learned This Week - Some of Life's Little Lessons

I was racking my brain this week trying to figure out what I learned lately when I realized that while there may not be something BIG, there were lots of small things that I have learned or at least realized this week.

So here it is.
What I Learned This Week.


I learned...It's much easier to get up and get dressed in the morning when you have a new outfit to wear.  {I got two new dresses from Target while in NC and have loved wearing them this week}.

I learned...The later it gets in the school year, the later I will get to school in the morning!  {No worries though, I'm always in before the bell rings}.

I learned...Coffee always tastes better when other people make it and it tastes especially awesome when those other people are the Dunkin Donuts workers.

I learned...sometimes it's much easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission!

I learned...that while 3rd graders were clueless when I switched the word "a$$" with silly goose in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when reading it together, the 5th graders actually read along and will act like 3rd graders as soon as I read it. {Why, oh why, Mr. Dahl did you have to add it?}

I learned...I'm going to love having my little brother a mile away for free babysitting!!! {Thanks Andrew for saving my Friday night plans...I owe you one}

I learned...having meetings after school every night for a week is exhausting!

I learned...while 11 days may not sound like a long time, 11 days with twenty 5h graders {and one teacher} counting down till summer vacation is going to be a very long time indeed!

Finally the last lesson I that while What I Learned This Week should be shared on Tuesdays, when your computer crashes on Monday, it is perfectly acceptable to share what you learned on Thursdays!!

To see what everybody else learned this week and shared on Tuesday, don't forget to visit From Inmates to Playdates.

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