Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I Learned This Week - A Little Bit of Everything

In honor of the chaos that has been my life lately, I'm going with random lessons again this week.

  • First of all, I just have to say it, "I'm not a fan of yogurt."  I have tried many brands and many flavors and I just don't like it. This makes top of my list because I had one for lunch today and just couldn't get it down.  Do you have a yogurt you especially like that may change my mind?
  • After six seasons, I just have to put this out there, I learned that I am still LOST!  {Enough said} I am looking for recaps though so let me know if you wrote or have read any that may shed some light for me.
  • My next lesson is a bit of a confession too. I've learned that my addiction to my phone is interfering with my multi-tasking abilities as I devote way too much time to being plugged in.  The first week I had a blast setting it up and personalizing it, the second week I searched droid apps and installed them, and the third week I've just used it for everything I would normally use my laptop for except my phone is always right there so I don't stick to a schedule.  It is time to get back to my schedule.
  • My training plan is just that...only a plan.  It's right there, hanging on my refrigerator, but for the past three weeks {see above} that plan has not came to life.  I was doing so well and feeling so much better, but then my schedule went wacky and that was all she wrote.  With so many evening meetings and activities lately, by the time I finally get home I'm exhausted and just can't get myself to do it.  I learned that I HAVE to get over this and make my plan come to life!

  • I make way to many excuses to NOT exercise is what I've learned!
  • Finally, my biggest lesson this week is that it is time to get back on a "normal" schedule so I don't feel like I'm running in circles and getting nothing accomplished. Hence my hitting the wall post! Although I may just need to stick to the "survival" schedule for the next 8 school days.  THEN SUMMER VACATION!!  I can do this.
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