Monday, January 25, 2010

Is God Angry at the People of Haiti?

One of my favorite things about kids is how they just say things the way they see them.

The other day Dylan and I were on our way home from school listening to the news about Haiti. It was a few days after the horrific earthquake and the news was not good at all. After listening to the report Dylan made the comment, "Wow mom, God must really be angry with the people in Haiti."

Silence. How do you respond to that?

In his eyes, God allowed that earthquake to happen as a consequence for their actions. Pretty deep thinking for a 9 year old.

Rather than dwelling on the idea that God was punishing the people I steered the conversation down the path that perhaps He was trying to teach people like us a lesson. Here we are sitting in our solid homes, pretty healthy, wearing comfy clothes, while eating three meals and multiple snacks. Maybe the earthquake was OUR wake-up call to help those more unfortunate than ourselves.

Society today is all about gimme, gimme and maybe we needed something this devastating for us to see that it isn't all about us and what we want, but all about others and how we can help.

Not that I would ever wish this much tragedy on any person, community, country, but unfortunately what happened, happened so now it's time for us to pick up the pieces and help them move on.

It seems like every which way you turn people are trying to help. Churches, schools, organizations, even individuals are all raising money, collecting supplies, and sending volunteers to help. People are coming together to make a difference.

Even though we don't always know the why, God is in control and there is always a rhyme to His reason!


  1. doesn't it amaze you the things kids say!

    and you are totally right. We may not always understand or agree on what God has planned, but it's that way for a reason. We may not find out right away what that reason was, but He always knows

  2. What a great response to that question. And I know that you're right. Teaching your kids that God is loving and wouldn't hurt us is the right thing to do.

    I don't believe that God caused the earthquake or let it happen. But He is showing us that we need to step up and help out.

    hugs to you & the kiddos!

  3. ITA. And incidentally, through this awful devastation in Haiti, hundreds of adoptions have been expedited, and children have homes - one family in our church is in Florida now with their new Haitian daughter. They were told it would be another year before they could get her, but with this awful tragedy, the whole orphanage was brought to the US to be picked up by their adoptive parents.

    It's reassuring to know that there is some good that came out of this mess!

  4. I agree with you. While Dylan's comment was purely innocent, Pat Robertson, an adult and pastor, said basically the same thing out of ignorance - that the earthquake was God's punishment on Haiti for worshipping a god other than God. Sad really - because the God I know and serve doesn't do stuff like that.
    And you are right, lets focus on the things WE can learn from this tragedy... and see how we can be a help as well.


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