Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Building Blocks

As part of my one word resolution, my goal is to spend more time playing with the kids. Getting down on their level and doing what they enjoy doing.

Zoe enjoys building things with blocks so we spent some time building blocks. My instructions were to follow her, so every time she put a block on I had to put the same one on. I don't know where she gets her bossiness from, or her need for symmetry either??

After many trials we finally created a piece that was perfect in her eyes.

As we're sitting around admiring the blockwork, I asked her what it was. Of course I was expecting the castle, or city building, or church, but nope,
are you ready for this...
it was a


Yes, it's official, we have lived in Delaware, chicken capital of the world, for way too long!!


  1. hahaha. chicken factory, huh? Don't you just love the things they think of!

  2. You're a good mom. I'm really bad at doing that.

    I love the blocks. And um. Chicken factory? ROTF.

  3. Chicken factory...lol. It is amazing the things that kids can come up with.

  4. That is a really great resolution!



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