Monday, November 2, 2009

Survived To Tell About It

The only good thing about last week is that it came to an end!
Never to be lived again.

I knew it was going to be a tough one when I looked at my planner and didn't see anything except appointment, after appointment, after appointment. Along with, you know, my real job of teaching, I had a Board meeting Monday night, PTO Tuesday night, and an Aspiring Administrators meeting Wednesday night. Plus I had a special education training Wednesday morning and a behavior training Thursday afternoon. Did I mention writing many substitute plans???

Oh and in case you forgot, last week was also Halloween week, which at school means C-R-A-Z-Y kids! As if trick or treating wasn't enough to excite them we also had two assemblies and a fall party on Friday afternoon.

Like I said, I knew it was NOT going to be a pretty week.

And that was BEFORE germs infested my children!
Saturday night Zoe spent the night at a friend's house and on her way home vomited in my friend's car (Thank God it wasn't my car...yeah, I'm a good friend like that!!). When I took her temp it was 103 and stayed right around there all day with Motrin. She pretty much slept the day away, which was really unlike her so I knew she wasn't feeling well. Thankfully overnight her fever broke, but since she couldn't go back to school until she was fever free for 24 hours Dave stayed home. Dylan and I went to school where I was hoping we would stay germ free, however that was not to be.

Dylan ended up fading fast in the afternoon and by the evening he had his own fever. I took off Tuesday and stayed home with both kids. Dylan's temp ended up getting to 104.7 before a cool bath and meds brought it back down that afternoon. It was Dave's turn to stay home on Wednesday and then I was back home on Thursday since Dylan still had a low grade fever the day before so he couldn't return to school.

Finally, on Friday, we all headed back to school, Zoe for the first time the whole week and Dylan since Monday. Nothing like heading back to school the day before Halloween. Thank goodness we didn't miss all those parties and assemblies!

And that my bloggy friends is why I am absolutely thrilled that last week is in the past, never to be revisited again.

Moving on now.
This week looks very refreshing as other than a PTO fundraiser at a local restaurant, where all I have to do is eat, I have NOTHING in the evenings. My calendar looks pretty darn empty. No complaints here though! I'll be just fine sitting in my pj's enjoying some hot cocoa on these cool, fall nights.

Ahhh...Life is good again!!


  1. Sounds like a rough week! Glad it's over, and I'm hoping you've met your sickness quota for this winter.

  2. Glad you all made it through and that its behind you now. It can only go up from there.

  3. glad to hear the kids are better. I'm trying desperately to stay away from the germs... I'm bound to get SOMETHING! Murphy's Law right?? :)

  4. Wow, what a week! I got exhausted just reading about it! Glad everything and everyone are back to normal now!

  5. I hope you get some rest and a margarita or two this week!

  6. I remember those weeks of school where you had more to do than you ever wanted. I hated those weeks, as I felt drained every.single.night!

    I am glad it's a new week for you. Hopefully it will be a great one! :)

  7. I would definitely call last week a rough week for you. I am happy to hear that both kids are feeling better and that this week should be less hectic for you!


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